Why Couples Love My Natural Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most special and unforgettable moments in your life. It’s a day filled with love, laughter and cherished memories that you’ll want to hold onto forever.

As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of capturing these precious moments in a composed and genuine way. My approach is all about making you feel completely at ease, so you can simply and authentically enjoy your day while I capture it beautifully. I do my thing whilst you do yours.

It is really important to feel comfortable around your photographer so getting to know them and their style before you book is key. So sit back, grab a big ole’ cup of your favourite tea or a glass of wine and let me tell you why couples love my natural wedding photography style!

Natural wedding photography of the bride and groom during couples portraits

My Natural Wedding Photography

Natural wedding photography of the bride and groom on the beach during couples portraits

Putting Your Mind at Ease on Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions. From the anticipation and excitement to the nervous jitters, it’s completely normal to have a million thoughts racing through your mind. 

But one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is your wedding photography.

With my natural wedding photography style, my number one goal is to always put you at ease both before and on your big day. I understand that you want to enjoy every moment, savour every kiss and laugh, and create beautiful memories.

From the moment we first chat, I want you to feel comfortable with me.

We will get to know each other better – a personable approach and my interest in getting to know you will mean a whole lot of good vibes, fun times and the very best day. I am a super smiley, happy, people person and I love a good love story – tell me all about how you met!

On your wedding day, I will blend seamlessly into the background, I will remain calm and you will feel in a safe pair of hands throughout!

Couples always say to me that they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera or are unphotogenic, but I have evidence in the form of all of my amazing couples that this isn’t the case and my experience will win over.

Natural wedding photography of the bride and groom during couples portraits

Gentle Guidance – My Approach to Wedding Photography

When it comes to capturing the perfect moments on your wedding day, my approach is all about gentle guidance rather than unnatural poses.

This means I offer natural wedding photography which will tell your real story.

During our pre-wedding meeting, I take the time to understand your vision and what’s most important to you. This allows me to tailor my approach to your specific day and style.

On the big day, you can trust that I will blend into the background, capturing candid moments and emotions as they happen and be in the right place at the right time.

Instead of dictating every move, I give subtle directions and suggestions when we do your group shots and also during your portraits. I believe that the most lovely photos are those that capture the natural essence of your relationships with family and friends.

When you feel relaxed, you will look relaxed so I’m not bossy. Instead, I’m laid back, smiley, friendly and encouraging!

My goal is to create timeless images that transport you back to that day. When you look at your wedding photos, I want you to remember the warmth of the sun on your skin, the gentle touch of your partner’s hand, and the pure happiness that filled the air.

I want you to remember how you felt.

Natural wedding photography of the bride and groom during couples portraits

Capturing YOUR Unique Love Story

When it comes to capturing your wedding day, my focus is entirely on telling your story, not imposing my own creative agenda. It is simply all about you.

I understand that every couple is different, and each love story is personal in its own way. That’s why I approach natural wedding photography intending to capture your relationship and the dynamics of your wedding party.

I take the time to get to know you both as a couple – I want to understand what makes your story special and who is most important to you – this will allow me to have a personal approach to your photography.

By building a connection with you, I can ensure that your wedding photos reflect your true personalities. 

Natural wedding photography of the bride and groom during couples portraits

Trust and Comfort: What Couples Say About Their Experience

Earning the trust of my couples is of the utmost importance to me as a wedding photographer. It isn’t just about your photos but you feeling completely comfortable and having the best time.

Hearing how my couples felt during their experience brings me so much joy. It is how I know that I create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for them on their special day. 

Couples have shared how comfortable they felt in my presence, often forgetting that I was even there capturing their intimate moments. This allows them to truly be themselves, expressing their love and emotions authentically and without any inhibitions. 

Trust is also a key element in our relationship. Couples have expressed their gratitude for my ability to understand their vision and desires, ensuring that I capture the moments that are most important to them.

My style is not editorial but focuses on feelings and my couples value the people at their wedding more than details. However, they will choose details that are important to them. 

They like my warm edits and can imagine themselves in my images – check out my portfolio to get a feel too.

The feedback I have received from couples further reinforces my commitment to providing a natural wedding photography experience – from the moment we have our first conversation to the very end when images are delivered.

Ready to Enquire About Your Wedding Photography?

Now you know why couples love my natural wedding photography style, you can decide whether my approach aligns with your vision – there are so many different types of wedding photography styles out there, so choosing one that aligns with what you want is important.

I am a female wedding photographer based in Kent but cover surrounding areas too. 

Get in touch today – I would love to get to know you, hear about the day you have planned and see whether we are a good match!

Natural wedding photography of the bride and groom during couples portraits


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