3 things NOT to worry about on your actual wedding day

There are so many things to get swept up in whilst planning a wedding; colour schemes, timings, guest lists, rehearsals, gifts, seating plans, food, drink, rings; the list goes on. But all this planning happens BEFORE the wedding day. You do it all so you DON’T have to worry on the day itself.

It’s the day you will have thought about probably more than any other, and it’s so important for you to feel completely relaxed and ENJOY IT. These are my top 3 things NOT to worry about on your wedding day.

The good old British weather

It is the ONE thing that we really have no control over and it will only negatively impact on the day if you let it. All of your suppliers will have encountered tricky conditions before. Give yourself peace of mind by asking what their wet weather contingency plans are, where your drinks reception will be and how many umbrellas they have for guests. 

I always carry a matching pair of umbrellas for my couple and make use of doorways, arches, trees and windows to create portraits.

If you are dealt a hand with a few showers through your wedding day then it really does become part of your story. Honestly, it will take absolutely nothing away from the joy and love of it all.

The logistics on the day

On your wedding day it should NOT be your role to make sure that it is running smoothly. It is for you to switch OFF and really enjoy the fruits of all that wedding planning labour. 

Trust in the professionals that you have booked and paid good money for and talk to them about any worries you have before the day. Give them the opportunity to put your mind at rest. 

Give your most trusted and responsible friends little jobs. For example ask one to have a copy of the schedule in their pocket. Give another a list of the group shots that you want taken so that they can help the photographer by gathering up people ready for the next shot. Ask one to have your touch up makeup in their bag so you don’t have to go up to your room to get it later. They will want to help so delegate and concentrate on having the best time.

Everybody else

Of course you want your guests to have a great time. But remember, they didn’t accept the invitation to be able to sample the wine list, do a ‘Greg Wallace Masterchef’ review on the meal or be able to update their tripadvisor on the venue the next morning. They accepted your wedding invitation to witness you marry your best friend. So whatever you THINK they may be worried about, chances are it won’t even have crossed their mind. 

The simplest way you can ensure that everyone has a great time is by relaxing and enjoying yourself. They will 100% follow suit. 

Put simply, no-one else will know if it doesn’t go to plan – they didn’t know what the plan was in the first place.

You can take a look at my approach to photographing an entire wedding day right here.


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