Natural Engagement Photoshoot Ideas During Golden Hour

As an engagement and wedding photographer based in Kent, I have had the pleasure of capturing countless moments of love and joy. But let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like the magic of golden hour for an engagement photoshoot.

With nature as our backdrop, whether it’s a field of trees or a sandy beach, the warm, golden light adds the most romantic touch to every shot. Along with a cosy night in with my favourite sweet treats and a good boxset, heading out for a golden hour engagement shoot is one of my favourite things to do. 

So, grab your partner’s hand and join me as we explore some natural engagement photoshoot ideas during golden hour that will make your love shine even brighter.

An engagement photoshoot idea in the fields during golden hour

Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

Embracing the Warm Glow: Why Golden Hour is My Favourite

There’s something undeniably magical about the golden hour, that time just before sunset when the world is bathed in a warm, golden glow.

As an engagement and couples photographer, golden hour is by far my favourite time to shoot because the soft, flattering light creates an ethereal feel that perfectly captures the romance and love.

During golden hour, the sun sits lower on the horizon, casting a warm and golden hue across the landscape and a soft silhouette around you. This gentle light adds a touch of magic to every photograph, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Not only does the golden hour provide stunning lighting, but it also sets the stage for a unique and romantic experience. There’s a certain sense of tranquillity during this time, as nature seems to slow down and bask in the warm embrace of the sun. How amazing to watch the sunset together in a stunning location?

Embracing the warm glow of golden hour allows me to capture your genuine connection and love. The gorgeous light infuses the images with a stunning sense of intimacy and warmth. 

So, keep on reading for my engagement photoshoot ideas…

An engagement photoshoot idea is during golden hour

The Charm of Nature: Photoshoot Ideas in Fields

One of my favourite engagement photoshoot ideas is in the beautiful embrace of nature, surrounded by fields of green.

Fields offer a serene and romantic backdrop that perfectly compliments the love between you. No matter the time of year, there is something magical about being surrounded by nature.

During the spring and summer months, fields come alive with vibrant wildflowers and tall grasses, creating a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere. Imagine strolling hand in hand through a field of colourful blooms, the sun gently kissing your skin and the scent of wildflowers filling the air.

An engagement photoshoot idea is on a field with nature around
An engagement photoshoot idea is during golden hour
An engagement photoshoot idea is during golden hour

In the autumn, fields transform into golden seas of waving grass and fallen leaves. The warm hues of orange and yellow create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Imagine being surrounded by the rustic charm of a field in autumn.

Even in the winter months, fields have a unique beauty of their own. Picture a snowy or icy landscape, creating a winter wonderland. The peacefulness and tranquillity of a crisp field offer a relaxed backdrop for your photoshoot, capturing the quiet moments of love in a picturesque setting.

Let’s venture into nature together, and create images that truly capture the essence of your relationship.

An engagement photoshoot idea is on a field with nature around

Romancing the Waves: Capturing Love on the Beach

The beach…a place where love meets the waves, and romance fills the air! 

There’s something undeniably special about capturing love on the sandy shores, and as a photographer, I am always in awe of the magic that unfolds from engagement photos on the beach.

Picture the soft golden light on your skin, the gentle sound of waves crashing against the shore, and the salty breeze. It’s the perfect engagement photoshoot idea that captures the love and connection between you and your partner.

Whether it’s walking hand in hand along the water’s edge or sharing a cosy picnic on a blanket, the beach offers endless possibilities for creating memories.

The vibrant colours of the sky during sunrise or sunset add a touch of enchantment to every shot.

So, kick off your shoes, feel the sand beneath your toes, and let me capture your story.

An engagement photoshoot idea is on a beach
An engagement photoshoot idea is during golden hour

Unique Engagement Photoshoot Ideas: From Benches to Furry Friends

Another great idea is to include your furry friends in your engagement photoshoot!

An engagement photoshoot idea is to include your dog

Pets bring so much joy and laughter into our lives. They are definitely part of the family. So why not let them be a part of your shoot too? Including your pup in your photos will add an extra layer of love. Imagine cuddling up with your furry friend on a blanket or wandering along with them by your sides. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and incorporate unique props or activities into your photoshoot. Do you have a shared hobby or interest? 

Whether it’s playing a board game, enjoying a cup of coffee at your favourite cafe, or even going for a bike ride together, these personalised touches will make your photoshoot meaningful.

Remember, your photoshoot should be a reflection of your love story. Have fun with it and let your personalities shine through.

An engagement photoshoot idea is to include your dogs
An engagement photoshoot idea is including your dogs

Final Thoughts and Tips for Your Engagement Shoot

Now I have given you some lovely engagement photoshoot ideas, remember that this is a celebration of your love, so make it unique to you.

Be yourselves, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. The more relaxed and natural you feel, the more authentic your photos will be – it also helps that you choose a photographer who makes you feel nothing but comfortable and relaxed – my photography ethos is all about this.

Communication is key when working with your photographer. Share your vision with me and your ideas. A good photographer should always be able to bring your ideas to life and offer suggestions based on their expertise. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice any concerns you may have.

On the day of the shoot, come dressed in an outfit that reflects your personal style and makes you feel confident. Feeling your best means you will look your best too so choose clothes that you are comfortable in and that make you feel the very best version of you! 

Lastly, remember to have fun and embrace the moment. Let the love and excitement you feel for each other shine through the photos. Relax, take a deep breath, and trust that I, as your photographer will capture love between you.

Let’s Create Memories Together!

Now you know my natural engagement photoshoot ideas during golden hour, I hope you feel inspired to create your own magical memories. These engagement photography ideas will allow you to discuss with your partner what will best reflect your love story and make you feel the most at ease.

I am a wedding and engagement photographer and I would love to have a chat with you to see if we are the right match – get in touch today!

Cheers to love and beautiful photographs!


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