Relaxed, informal engagement photography in Kent

One of the best ways to feel relaxed about your wedding photography is to have a go at it before the big day. That is exactly why an engagement shoot is such a great addition to your wedding photography package. It’s a relaxed, no pressure practice at being in front of the camera.


documentary style image of relaxed smiling bride and groom
So what exactly is an engagement shoot?

An engagement shoot is a 60-90 minute photography session in a gorgeous location where we chat about all things weddings, get to know each other better and all the while I take beautiful portraits of you looking amazing together. 

I introduce you to the types of super simple and gentle direction that I use on a wedding day to make you forget you are being photographed and that enable me to capture those gorgeous authentic interactions between you. 

I promise they couldn’t be easier and there is no complicated or cheesy posing. By the end of the engagement session you will wonder what on earth you were ever worried about and will be so excited about doing it all over again on your wedding day.


It couldn’t be simpler. We choose a location, a time and a place and away we go. When it comes to locations I always ask if there is somewhere you have had in mind for a while; maybe where you got engaged or a favourite walk. It could be at the beach, a stunning parkland or cute cobbled city street. It is about where you will feel relaxed, happy and excited about being. If you get stuck I have some great suggestions for you so don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Documentary style image of Bride and Groom at sunset

The shoots take place on a weekday in or not too far from Kent. The time of year is really up to you but I have limited availability in the summer due to weddings. I usually suggest either an early start to avoid lots of other people or my absolute favourite is an early evening in Autumn. The low sun and warm, soft light as it begins to set is just the best. What an amazing experience to share. I would love you to really make the most of it and embrace it as part of the whole wedding photography journey. Why not make the day of it together and book a nice dinner after? 

Documentary style image of Bride and Groom at sunset

Worried about what to wear?

Don’t be. I 100% advocate you being YOU for your engagement shoots. If you feel comfortable you’ll be far more relaxed and get the best images as a result. My only bit of advice is to avoid very bold patterns or very obvious logos as they can draw the eye. If you feel great getting a little dressed up with each other then go for it but if you will feel at your best in your faithful jeans and a nice top then that will be perfect too. Remember, these are YOUR pictures.

Bride and Groom in the kent countryside smiling captured in a documentary style
Documentary image of guest hugging two brides
Documentary style photography of bridesmaids seeing bride for the first time
You dont have to be newly engaged to enjoy an engagement shoot…

Whether you have been engaged for a while or even just want a fun, relaxed experience together with a stunning gallery at the end of it then get in touch to book.

As an individual booking the sessions cost £400 but when you book this together with your wedding photography this is reduced by 25%.
You can check out my wedding photography pricing here.


I'm a Kent Wedding Photographer for happy, relaxed, loved-up couples who want to look and feel amazing on their wedding day. I also cover Surrey, Sussex, Essex and beyond.


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