Beautiful Locations for Your Engagement Photoshoot

As an engagement photographer, I know how important it is to capture the perfect moment between you and your partner. Your engagement shoot is a beautiful opportunity to showcase your love and excitement for your upcoming journey together.

But with so many locations to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect spot. That’s why I’ve put together this blog post to help you find the most beautiful locations for your engagement photoshoot.

From lovely coastlines in Tankerton and Whitstable to the historic charm of Knole Park in Sevenoaks, and even the bustling city centres of Canterbury and London, I have got you covered with my engagement photoshoot ideas.

Grab a big cup of your favourite tea and let’s get into it…

Engagement photoshoot in Knole Park Sevenoaks

5 Locations to Consider for Your Engagement Photoshoot

  • The Romantic Sunsets at Tankerton and Whitstable
  • Revel in the Golden Hours at Knole Park Sevenoaks
  • Nature’s Scenery at Dunorlan Park, Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • Finding Charm in Urban Settings – Canterbury and London
  • Discovering Unique Locations Personal to You

The Romantic Sunsets at Tankerton and Whitstable

Tankerton and Whitstable are situated on the Kent coast and offer breathtaking sunset views that will create the perfect backdrop for your love story.

We can start your engagement photoshoot by taking a stroll along Tankerton Beach, hand in hand with your partner. Engagement photos on the beach are a wonderful way for you to sit and cuddle on the pebbles, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and the gentle sea breeze in your hair.

Engagement photoshoot at Tankerton and Whitstable beach

You can’t help but be enchanted by the fun and vibrant beach huts that line the shore, adding a touch of charm to your photos.

Next, we can make our way to the gorgeous pier next to the East Quay wedding venue. Its rustic, weathered appearance adds a touch of character to your photos.

As we continue walking, we will come across some lovely gardens on the way back to Tankerton Slopes where we can take advantage of the lush greenery and colourful flowers to add a touch of natural beauty to your photos.

Engagement photoshoot at Tankerton and Whitstable

Finally, we can make our way up the hill at Tankerton Slopes, where you’ll be treated to the most stunning view as the sun sets on the horizon. The warm golden hues reflecting off the water create a truly magical atmosphere.

With its rustic seaside vibe, Tankerton and Whitstable offer the ideal setting to capture the romance and beauty of your engagement story.

Engagement photoshoot at Tankerton and Whitstable beach

Revel in the Golden Hours at Knole Park Sevenoaks

If you’re looking to have your engagement photoshoot with the dreamy, golden light of the late afternoon and evening sun, then Knole Park in Sevenoaks is a lovely location.

This historic parkland is not only stunning, but it’s also home to a herd of deer that adds an extra touch of elegance to your photos.

As we enter through the magnificent Knole gatehouse, you’ll be greeted by tree-lined avenues that create a beautiful frame for your shots. The dappled light shining through the leaves adds a touch of magic to your images.

For the best view, we can head to the top of the hill in front of the house. This spot offers a breathtaking panoramic view, and the last rays of the sun create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

The relaxed stroll vibe of the park allows you to take your time and explore different areas, ensuring we capture the perfect moment. 

Engagement photoshoot in Knole Park Sevenoaks

Nature’s Scenery at Dunorlan Park, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Dunorlan Park in Royal Tunbridge Wells is a hidden gem when it comes to finding natural beauty for your engagement photoshoot.

This park offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, making it the ideal setting for capturing intimate moments with your partner. As you take a leisurely stroll around the lake, you’ll be surrounded by the scenery of formal gardens, wooded spots, and open grassland. 

Engagement photoshoot at Dunorland Park, Royal Tunbridge Wells

With plenty of sunny spots, we will take advantage of the natural light to enhance the warmth in your photos.

Dunorlan Park is full of landscape features that can add charm to your images. From benches where you can share a sweet moment together to bridges that create a scenic backdrop, you’ll find a variety of spots to make use of.

The park also offers beautiful views, providing an opportunity to capture engagement photos that showcase the nature that surrounds you. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil setting or a place to connect with the natural world, Dunorlan Park is sure to impress.

Finding Charm in Urban Settings – Canterbury and London

Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of Canterbury or the vibrant energy of London, urban settings offer a quirky backdrop for your engagement photoshoot and I am here for it!

In Canterbury, you’ll find cobbled streets, medieval architecture, and quaint little cafes that exude old-world charm. The historic city centre provides endless opportunities for capturing amorous moments amidst the centuries-old buildings and narrow lanes.

Engagement photoshoot in Cantebury
Engagement photoshoot in Cantebury

On the other hand, London offers a more contemporary landscape with its iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and modern architecture.

Engagement photoshoot in London

From the vibrant energy of Covent Garden to the urban cool of Shoreditch, engagement photography in London is brilliant as we have a wealth of backdrops that reflect the diverse personalities and styles of you as a couple.

Both Canterbury and London offer an array of locations for your engagement photoshoot, from hidden alleyways and secret gardens to famous landmarks and trendy neighbourhoods. 

The urban setting adds a touch of sophistication and cosmopolitan flair to your photos, creating images that are as stylish and timeless as your love.

Engagement photoshoot in London

Discovering Unique Locations Personal to You

One of the most special aspects of an engagement photoshoot is the opportunity to capture moments in locations that hold personal significance to you as a couple.

Whether it’s where you first met, got engaged, or have shared meaningful experiences, these personal places add an extra layer of sentimentality to your photos.

Engagement photoshoot location

Maybe it’s a secluded spot in a nearby park where you love to take walks with a cup of coffee in hand, or inside a charming coffee shop where you had your first date. These settings not only make for beautiful backdrops but also evoke memories and emotions that will be reflected in the photos.

Country houses and estates can also be fantastic options for engagement photoshoots, offering incredible grounds and architectural features.

However, it’s important to check if they charge a permit fee for photography. Some venues may require a permit, while others may be more lenient. It’s always worth asking me beforehand to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a collection of images that truly represent your love story. 

Engagement photoshoot location

Let’s Capture Your Love Story

Now you know some beautiful locations for your engagement photoshoot you can choose which suits you best as a couple. Remember, you want your images to reflect your personality and relationship so do what feels right.

I am an engagement and wedding photographer in Kent – get in touch today and let’s chat about your photography!


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