If you worry about being in front of the camera or the thought of being the centre of attention on your wedding day makes you feel uncomfortable then I want you to know that every couple you see in my portfolio said the same thing. 

Taking great images and producing a wedding gallery that you’ll love is obviously pretty important. But my most important job is putting you at ease because THAT is when those genuine, natural moments happen.


documentary style image of relaxed smiling bride and groom
Bride and Groom laughing together at their Kent wedding venue
Feeling relaxed means looking relaxed too!
– When you feel completely comfortable having me around because I am warm, supportive and calming.

– If you trust that I am as invested in your wedding photography as you are.

– When you know I am there but have not even noticed me working.

THAT is the relationship I want with you and it’s achieved with my relaxed documentary style of wedding photography.

What is documentary style photography?

True documentary photography is recording the action of the day as it unfolds and not influencing the order of the day in any way.

As it happens, for much of your wedding day I do photograph in this way. I am an observer and my aim is to not be noticed.

But I want your gallery to tell the complete story of your wedding and that means me actually being part of it.

Documentary image of happy couple walking down the aisle
Relaxed Bride and Groom laughing with each other
The part of your day when my relaxed style comes into it’s own is during your wedding portraits.

Documentary would mean completely leaving you to it and I expect we would have some stiff looking positions and false, cheesy smiles. I won’t subject you to that awkwardness!

Instead I use subtle prompts to distract you from me and my camera. They’re simple but effective and actually you’ll see just how easy it is to capture the relaxed, authentic, happy wedding portraits you see in my galleries.

You look natural, laid back and completely absorbed in each other because ….well… at the moment those images were taken that is exactly how you were.


Real love between two people looks so, so good!

Documentary style image of Bride and Groom at sunset

You can look this relaxed too

Bride and Groom in the kent countryside smiling captured in a documentary style
Bride looking at her Groom during their ceremony
Documentary style photography of bridesmaids seeing bride for the first time
Two wedding guests crying with happiness
It may appear that I just show up to your wedding day, cool as a cucumber and take photographs BUT the key to be able to work in this way is experience, confidence in my ability and planning.

From our first few conversations and emails I will start to get to know you better as well as what and who is important at your wedding. I understand what you want from your day and earn your trust so that you know that your wedding memories are in safe hands.

I look for all the little moments that would otherwise pass you by. I notice the giggles, watch for the tears and look for the emotion.

I focus on the feelings
My job as your wedding photographer isn’t just about the warm, relaxed images you see in my portfolio. It is about helping you have the very best wedding day experience.

How you feel and how you look go hand in hand

So if you want to feel completely at ease, genuinely enjoy every part of your day, have a gallery full of emotion, smiles and love -filled memories and don’t mind the thought of me sharing it with you then get in touch.
Nicola Dawson documentary style wedding photographer


I'm a Kent Wedding Photographer for happy, relaxed, loved-up couples who want to look and feel amazing on their wedding day. I also cover Surrey, Sussex, Essex and beyond.


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