Your Guide to Planning Your Kent Wedding

In your guide to planning your Kent wedding, I will take you through the steps of planning your wedding, starting with the big decisions and then moving on to the smaller details. From choosing the perfect venue and communicating with suppliers, to managing logistics and creating the ideal guest list, I have got you covered.

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Natural Engagement Photoshoot Ideas During Golden Hour

With nature as our backdrop, whether it’s a field of trees or a sandy beach, the warm, golden light adds the most romantic touch to every shot. Other than loving a cosy night in with my favourite sweet treats and a good boxset, a golden hour shoot is my favourite.

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Why Couples Love My Natural Wedding Photography

It is really important to feel comfortable around your photographer so getting to know them and their style before you book is key. So sit back, grab a big ole’ cup of your favourite tea or a glass of wine and let me tell you why couples love my natural wedding photography style!

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3 things NOT to worry about on your actual wedding day

There are so many things to get swept up in whilst planning a wedding; colour schemes, timings, guest lists, rehearsals, gifts, seating plans, food, drink, rings; the list goes on. But all this planning happens BEFORE the wedding day. You do it all so you DON’T... read more

How to get the most epic wedding confetti shots

I just adore a wedding confetti shot. They are full of joy, fun and smiles and fill your wedding hair and outfit with colourful paper or petals for weeks to come – what isn’t to love? – haha. But seriously though, just after your wedding ceremony ends, I... read more

How to get gorgeously relaxed group wedding photos

Thank goodness that wedding day group shots are more relaxed than they used to be. I am yet to shoot a wedding where a couple haven’t asked for any group shots at all but equally, they are the shots that are the least looked forward to during the day. In this blog I... read more

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How to Have a Relaxed Wedding Day Timeline

How to Have a Relaxed Wedding Day Timeline

Here is my guide on how to have a relaxed wedding day timeline. As a wedding photographer in Kent, I love being able to help my couples create a seamless experience from the planning to the photography!


I'm a Kent Wedding Photographer for happy, relaxed, loved-up couples who want to look and feel amazing on their wedding day. I also cover Surrey, Sussex, Essex and beyond.


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