How to feel more relaxed on your wedding day

I hear from my couples all the time that they are worried about being the centre of attention at their Wedding and that they don’t feel comfortable being in front of the camera. Most of us aren’t models or celebrities and so are unlikely to have spent too long in front of a professional camera. Add that to the thought that you’ll have a room full of people all looking at you and I completely understand why it makes some couples a bit nervous.

But, I’m here to give you a few ways to feel more confident and more relaxed in front of your guests and also in front of the camera.

Bride and Groom share their first kiss as their guests look on

Firstly, remember that the room may seem full of people but unless you have invited a few waifs and strays off the street, they are all friendly faces, in fact they are the faces of people who you love and who love you right back. I promise that it feels very different to having a group of strangers looking at you.

Consider asking your guests to put away their phones during the ceremony. You have booked an amazing  photographer so you can trust that you will have memories of all the really important bits. There is no need to have two dozen phone cameras pointed at you too. So even if your eyes do drift out to your guests, you are seeing their smiling, joy filled faces which is bound to make you feel good, not nervous.

Consider having a first look. This is where you see your Husband or Wife to-be before your Wedding Ceremony. It’s beautiful, intimate and private, makes amazing photographs and you can both walk into the ceremony together, hand in hand with the one person that makes you feel better than any other.

Two Brides embracing after a first look at Winters Barns
Two Brides walk down the aisle confidently together

Do away with parts of the day where you might feel uncomfortable such as wedding breakfast entrance, cake cut and even first dance. If you don’t want to scrap them completely then be prepared to mix them up a bit. Why not walk into the wedding breakfast supported by your wedding party or top table? There is safety in numbers! Cut your cake in private so you still get the images but without the pressure of being looked at. And for your first dance ask your DJ or band to call everyone to join you thirty seconds in. You can do anything for thirty seconds right? 

Bride and Groom having their first dance at The Oak Barn Frame Farm
Bride and Groom dancing on crowded dance floor
Bride and Groom kissing during their dance on crowded dance floor

And my last tip is to choose the RIGHT photographer. The right person will give you confidence, make you feel relaxed and let you know that you are smashing it all day long. 

Also consider an engagement shoot. Practice gives you confidence and imagine how good it will feel on your wedding day knowing that you have nothing to be nervous about when it comes to your photography and your portraits. You’ll have trust in your photographer, know that they will create amazing shots of you and you’ll walk taller, more confidently, more relaxed and smile wider.

Making you feel relaxed and look amazing is my thing! Almost all of the couples that you see in my portfolio said that they were worried but they absolutely rocked their wedding days. If I can help them do it, I can 100% do that for you too. Come and say ‘Hi’ and find out if I am free on your day here.

Bride and Groom laughing together at sunset
Relaxed and happy Bride and Groom walking together
Bride and Groom confidently looking at camera during their wedding portraits
Bride in white dress with hand in pocket walking with her Groom in Black tie at Blake Hall Wedding venue


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